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Awareness Promise

Asking for help can be difficult. We pride ourselves on our commitment to listening to your full story to find a solution that will provide lasting relief!

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We use a secure patient portal to communicate about your upcoming sessions.  If you are new to Awareness Pelvic Therapy, inquire below with our contact form.  If you want to book your next appointment or make a payment, Login to the Portal. 

What to expect during your session

Your session is designed to be comfortable, educational, and respectful. Your consent is essential for all aspects of your treatment.

Communication is encouraged throughout the session.

Each session is divided into three parts: 

Part I: Information and Education



Gather a comprehensive understanding and history of the challenges you are experiencing



Education about the systems associated with the pelvis and the muscle and organs nearby.



Questions are encouragd throughout, but time is set aside for questions specificially

Part 2: Physical Assessments and Treatment


Physical Assessment

Therapist will assess spinal and pelvic movement, strength, range of motion and posture.


Internal/External Assessment *

Physically assess your pelvic floor muscles in a private setting*

*Only done with consent

Part 3: Customize a Pelvic Therapy Plan

Customized Plan Creation

Each of our clients has a unique story and a unique combination of issues. Our belief is that pelvic therapy treats more than your physical symptoms, but also your neurological system too. We create a personalized plan that helps you heal. 

Time to finally heal! 

Treatment Methods

Pelvic Therapy utilizes a variety of methods to help strengthen and heal your pelvic floor. The pelvis is tied to your neurological, muscular, and other systems. As a result, we engage various senses to support your health.  Below are a few items we might utilize in your treatment. 


Each treatment plan is specialized to the individual. 

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Dry Needling

 Dry needling encompasses the insertion of solid filament, non-injectate needles into, alongside or around muscles, nerves or connective tissues with or without mechanical and/or electrical stimulation for the management of pain and dysfunction in neuromusculoskeletal conditions "  - PPHC LLC

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You might not think stretching is important, but without it you run the risk of injury and further damage.  Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain strength and plyability. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight. 

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Maintaining pelvic health is an ongoing pursuit.  We design a specialized exercise routine to help you regain and maintain control over your pelvic floor muscles.  These exercises workout your core body and engage your neurological responses, as everythign is tied together when we talk about your pelvis.

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In addition to a physical exam, recommended stretches and exercises, we often use various tools that we refer to as your Pelvic Health Toolbox.  We will discuss each of them items if they are necessary and how to use them to help you on your path to pelvic health.

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Initial Evaluation


After evaluation, a curated treatment plan will be established & booked.

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Pelvic Therapy Session


Sessions are in-person at the clinic.

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