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Pelvic Health Resources & FAQ

Educating on pelvic health to further assist our patients in their health journey.

We have gathered some resources to help you learn more about pelvic health and how you can maintain a healthy connection. 

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What is Pelvic Floor Therapy

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy can help improve challenges with the bones, muscles
or tissue within or surrounding the pelvis and abdomen. Symptoms related to hip,
genitals, bowels, or bladder can improve with Pelvic Floor PT.

What to Expect in Physical Therapy?

Questions about your symptoms

To gather a comprehensive understanding of the challenges you experience a detailed assessment of your symptoms will be completed in a private treatment space.  There will be detailed questions related to your bladder, bowel, and sexual health.

Physical Assessment and External/Internal evaluation

A physical assessment will be completed to assess walking, spine/pelvic alignment, strength, range of motion, and pain. With your consent, a complete assessment of the muscles within the pelvis through the vaginal or anal opening will be assessed including tissue tension, strength and mobility.

Open Communication

Although you are free to ask questions related to your session at any time during the treatment, there will be additional time set aside for Q&A regarding your session, questions related to your symptoms, and clinical findings or considerations.  Your session should be comfortable and respectful. Your consent and open communication are essential for all aspects of your treatment.

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Do I come if I'm on my cycle?

Yes! There are many things we can work at your appointment.  Internal work can be postponed, and we can work on non-internal pelvic floor skills for this appointment.

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Do I Have to Take My Clothes Off?

You are NOT required to remove any article of clothing during ANY therapy session. Your physical therapist may suggest an assessment of the muscles within the pelvic floor for an accurate understanding of the muscles however it is NOT required this aspect of your care is performed.

Is the Internal Evaluation Necessary?

The internal evaluation is helpful to help determine the causes and diagnose any pelvic issues you might be having. An internal vaginal and/or rectal muscle assessment will only be performed with your written and verbal permission and only if you are comfortable. If you would prefer to wait until a future session or not at all, we are totally fine with that.

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What should I wear to my session?

Comfortable clothing should be worn to each session. You should wear something that allows you to move freely within your session.

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How Long are My Therapy Sessions?

Each Physical Therapy session is reserved for 90 minutes of individual, private treatment. However, most sessions last 60-90 minutes depending on the treatment, evaluation, and continued assessments involved. We ask that you block off 90 minutes for each session to ensure we have enough time to evaluated, review, and heal during the time together.

What Should I Wear to My Session?

Physical Therapy sessions involve moving and stretching. As such, comfortable clothing should be worn to each session. You should wear something that allows you to move freely within your session and that you feel comfortable in as you move, bend, stretch, and exercise your range of motion..

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How Many Sessions will I Require?

Therapy sessions are individual-specific. The number of sessions is dependent on your progress and your commitment to improving and managing your symptoms. During the sessions, you will be given at-home exercises to do for continued strengthening and healing. 

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How do I book my sessions?

We use a secure HIPAA-compliant patient portal to book our sessions.  If you want to book an initial consultation, use the contact form. 

Patient Portal uses: 

  • Book upcoming appointments

  • Make changes to existing appointments

  • Make a payment

  • Update contact information

You can always reach out to us at:


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