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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy to help women & men heal from painful sex & complex pelvic floor issues.

Awareness Pelvic Health is the Premier Pelvic Health Physical Therapy clinic in Houston, TX for treating Sexual & Complex Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. We specialize in healing painful sex and tough-to-treat pelvic pain in women & men for long-term relief. Our team provides 1 on 1 hands-on care by our expert Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist to help you fix your pelvic health systems so you can experience pleasure, empty your bladder better, and have bowel movements with ease! We also provide support to prepare for birth and recover after birth.

Do You...

have pain or significant discomfort during sex?

struggle to insert a tampon?

avoid penetrative sex with your partner/s?

suffer from pain during orgasm or arousal?

experience persistent burning, sharp, stinging, tingling, or nagging sensations on or near your genitalia?

have difficulty having an orgasm?

have vaginal or c-section scar pain after birth?

have difficulty fully emptying your bladder?

experience bladder leaks?

struggle to have bowel movements or have pain during bowel movements?

suffer from lower abdominal pain?

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“Dr. Bourque helped me find answers to questions I had been asking my neurologist and urologist for almost 10 years.”

- Andrew
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You are in the right place!  WE CAN HELP!

What Clients Say

“I’ve been seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist for over 1-year multiple times a week. In only a few sessions my symptoms have finally improved drastically!”

- Christine

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Initial Evaluation

90-minute initial evaluation of your problem areas. 

After evaluation, we will curate a treatment plan specific to you.

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Pelvic Floor Therapy


90 minute therapy session aligned with your treatment plan. 

Sessions are in-person at the clinic.

10 Reasons you should choose
Awareness Pelvic Health
as your Pelvic Health Provider

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1. We are the experts in Pelvic Health Care

We understand the complexity of the symptoms you are experiencing. We exclusively specialize in sexual and complex pelvic health dysfunctions. We’ve dedicated years of learning and commitment to resolving these specific issues instead of general
physical dysfunction seen in outpatient physical therapy practices.

2. Finding your "WHY" is our commitment

Pelvic health issues are composed of puzzle pieces. They are rarely due to just one thing. We are experts in determining the “WHY” to help you find the root cause for long-lasting relief.

3. Whole Body Approach to healing

We recognize the lengths you have gone to get help without any changes and are passionate about finding the root cause for long-lasting relief.
We LISTEN to your lived experiences and take a deep dive into your history to get to the root cause of your symptoms so you can have the desired relief.

4. Our environment was designed with YOU in mind

You will always be treated in an intimate private space instead of a loud busy “semi-private” gym for all treatments and discussions.
You will ALWAYS be seen 1 ON 1 with the same specialist without interruptions in a private and confidential setting.

5. YOU are in a safe space with us!

We understand the sensitivity and vulnerability of discussing sexual, bladder, and bowel issues. We take your private concerns very seriously. You have a portal to speak directly to your therapist without a “middle-man” delivering the message.

6. We provide support for a lifelong journey

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We provide you with support along your pelvic health journey by providing resources you can use outside of our care instead of discontinuing care after you’ve stopped treatment.

7. Your care doesn't end when your treatments end

We are committed to being an invaluable part of your pelvic health network for you and your family. We ensure you have a plan to continue keeping your symptoms under control far after your
symptoms have improved.

8. Awareness is key

We are committed to teaching you the knowledge to connect with your pelvic floor so you have better control, pain-free, and greater pleasure. The understanding of your pelvic health system you will receive is invaluable to long-lasting results.

9. We are trusted by premier clinicians in pelvic health care

We are trusted by some of the leading providers of healthcare in our community. We value holistic care partnerships with Premier clinicians to ensure you have access to an integrative approach to healing in your pelvic health journey.

10. The is not just "kegels" as you know it

We teach you ways to incorporate health from pelvic pain without all the reps, gimmicks and machines. We teach you the secret sauce to better orgasms, more pleasurable sex, no bladder leaks, and emptying your bowels with ease! We want to get you back to doing the things you love to do with the people who care about most!

We want to get you back to doing the things you love to do with the people who care about most!

I’d previously seen a pelvic floor physical therapist for over 1-year multiple times a week.  In only a few sessions w/ Dr. Bourque my symptoms have finally improved drastically!- C.P.

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